A cultivated approach to luxury cruising

Discovering Europe's most beautiful rivers, their natural treasures, and the diverse cities along their banks is a unique experience. We strive to make it unforgettable for you, living our vision of river cruises at the highest level with passion every day. Key values guiding us in this journey include:

Where you'll feel like family

When you embark on a river cruise with AMADEUS, you are cruising witha new family. From the start, you’ll recognize a difference reflected in our family’s belief about service and excellence. Our values extend to our crew, our guests, our host ports, and nature itself. We strive to treat each guest’s wishes as if they were our own. Every facet of our cruises is designed with your experience and dreams in mind to create an unforgettable travel adventure.

Hospitably delightful

The idea of hospitality and creating a sense of pleasure for others is rooted in our Austrian heritage. Our empathetic, professional crew continually delivers first-class, reliable service that feels natural and seamless. We sincerely hope you leave our cruise feeling a renewed sense of happiness and joy.

Subtle luxury in every detail

Every guest who has traveled with us understands our signature brand of luxury: a quiet elegance that is always present yet never intrusive. You’ll see it from afar when our sleek, beautifully designed ships glide down a river. You’ll notice it in your cabin, where each item is carefully designed and placed. Every space on the ship represents our reach for perfection or pleasure

Consistent fares in a changing market:

We know price matters, even in luxury markets. Our guests book with confidence, knowing they benefit from our hard work to keep our fares stable. Over the long term, we rely on a fair price-to-performance ratio to offer our clients competitive prices. Even from your first encounter with us, you’ll feel good about your decision to choose AMADEUS.

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