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Saar & Moselle

Our cruises along the river Saar take you to the heart of Europe and are a real treat for wine connoisseurs and nature lovers.

Perfectly situated in the border region between Germany, Luxembourg and France, the Saar offers romantic landscapes along the tranquil, winding river. The picturesque Saar Loop with its ancient castles and the inviting vineyards full of fruit-ripe grapes await you on this journey. Enjoy a romantic and exiting cruise along the Rhine, the Moselle and the Saar while discovering the cultural highlights of Saarburg, Trier and Saarlouis. 


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Starting and ending in Cologne, this cruise takes you up the Rhine to its largest tributary, the Moselle River, and along the winding course of the Saar River, a tributary of the Moselle. As you cruise along the sinuous spine of the Mosel winegrowing region, admire its picturesque landscape dominated by steep vineyards. Explore Cochem’s narrow alleys, visit medieval Bernkastel-Kues, the...

Cologne → Cologne

8 Days

from £ 1,519.00

The romantic Saar region

We will take you to the border region between Germany, Luxembourg and France, where the course of the approximately 230-kilometer-long Saar River meanders through picturesque nature, deep river valleys and well-known wine-growing areas. The Saar Loop between Merzig and Mettlach is probably the most impressive panorama along the Saar: instead of continuing to flow straight ahead, the river takes a slight detour and meanders elegantly in a beautiful arc through the nature of the Saarland. 


Luxembourg is one of the smallest countries in the heart of Europe, bordering France and Belgium as well as Germany. Luxembourg is not only the "European" capital and international financial metropolis, but it is also home to numerous sights such as the Bock and the City Casemates, the Palais Grand-Ducal and the Kirchberg Plateau. 


The oldest city in Germany was founded by the Romans more than 2000 years ago. Apart from the most famous building, the Porta Nigra, many other monuments from the Roman era adorn the city, including the amphitheater, the Imperial Baths and the Constantine Basilica.