Why a River Cruise?

A River Cruise on Europe's most beautiful waterways is an unforgettable time that enriches your life. You’ll visit bustling cities and hidden gem villages, only unpacking once. Even while onboard you’ll be immersed in the local sights, with ever changing views right outside your window. 

Whether it's the Rhine or the Danube, the Seine or the Rhône,  the Moselle or the Main - each river enchants in its own way. The shore is always within reach - instead of the vast horizon at sea. Embark on a journey where each day unfolds a new chapter of discovery and relaxation.

Floating Luxury Hotel

Wheater you want to get to know new countries, enjoy pure relaxation or celebrate a special birthday or significant anniversary: There are many wonderful occasions to join us on board while getting acquanted with the beauty of Europe's rivers. 

Our team’s passion for design lends AMADEUS ships their signature attention to detail. Our philosophy is to combine what we learn over our decades of experience with the constant goal to give passengers precious travel moments that last a lifetime. 

A Room with a View

When it comes to river cruising, every room and public area has a view. Relax and enjoy the ever-changing scenery as you sail to your next destination. 

Experience a new sensation every day as your ship can take you to the heart of your destinations and dock in the center of town, so you can step right off the ship and start exploring.

Smaller Ships and Fewer Guests for Personal Moments

AMADEUS ships have an average capacity of just 150 passengers, which means you get to enjoy an intimate onboard atmosphere and unmatched service.

Meet fellow passengers from all over the world, enjoy our Austrian hospitality, with excellent food in a gracious setting and simply relax. 

Set Sail for Culinary Delights

Sailing by river means enjoying authentic dishes of the areas you travel - with each meal viewed as an opportunity to create a lasting memory, set against the backdrop of the passing scenery.

Our onboard dining is regionally inspired and prepared with only the freshest ingredients. Our exclusive menus reflect the traditions and cultures of regional cuisine and, at the same time, are diverse enough to satisfy an international appetite. Our gourmet dining features breakfast, multi-course lunches and dinners with menu choices, as well as afternoon tea and late-night snack.



Depending on the cruise you choose, you will enjoy a vareity of enrichting onboard programs, including fasctinating lectures, cooking demonstrations, lcoal cultural performances, and music by our onboard musicians. 

Five good reasons for your first AMADEUS River Cruise Experience

1. Travel on a Floating Luxury Hotel

Our commitment to the extraordinary is evident in every detail, from the cabin key to the exquisite delights served on your plate.

2. Experience a Different Destination Every Day

On your river cruise, you will explore so many new cities and places that your enthusiasm for discovery is always at the forefront.

3. Immerse Yourself in New Experiences

Your senses embark on a journey of adventure - onshore excursions featuring ever-changing highlights and onboard with a variety of engaging activities.

4. Set Course for Relaxation

The journey to us is easy, as you do not have to travel far. Onboard, reset the clock  to "timeout" - whether with a massage, in the pool, or in a sun lounger on the sundeck.

5. Enjoy Views that Bring Joy

The shore is within reach. You are always in the midst of nature with unobstructed views of its richness - at a pace where nothing escapes your notice.

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