River cruises to dream about

It has been a while since we could present to you the scenic beauties along the banks of Europe. Too long, if you ask us. However, even the greatest crisis cannot stop us from redefining luxury on the river time and again.

As a family-owned business, it is our utmost concern that you feel completely at ease on board the AMADEUS fleet and savor every moment on water and land to the fullest. Our name and decades of experience vouch for that.


Our European heritage, customs and culture

Every morning, before dawn breaks the horizon, bakers all over Europe begin their day by preparing bread dough and honoring age-old traditions that have been distinctly tied to their region’s heritage for centuries. Bauernbrot. Kaiser rolls. Pumpernickel. Croissant. Brioche. These recipes have been passed from generation to generation, and over the years, very little has changed. Onboard every AMADEUS river cruise ship, our bakers are hard at work doing exactly the same. Every day, with every course, a bounty of freshly baked bread and rolls are offered, representing our European heritage, customs and culture. Tear apart a roll and the crisp, golden crust breaks with a satisfying sound and exposes a soft inner layer full of texture just waiting to be devoured.

In another part of the kitchen, the patisserie prepares mouthwatering desserts, authentic cakes, and assorted sweets that resemble works of art, but these masterpieces are meant to be indulged upon with the dip of a fork. The same dedication to excellence is given to every meal we present during every voyage.

elegant, cozy & modern

Discovering Europe from its most beautiful side...

As if we were one big family.


Also, a warm welcome from our side to the world of Amadeus. We are pleased that you are interested in our river cruises. Perhaps you have already had the pleasure and now long to travel with us again.

The big AMADEUS-family

On board every AMADEUS river cruise ship you will find a number of opportunities to satisfy your hunger for freshly prepared, authentic and international cuisine throughout the day. In addition to breakfast, lunch and dinner, alternative dining options are given to meet a flexible schedule and to offer different choices and experiences. 

Indulge in the traditional Frühschoppen, a specialty food experience on the Sun Deck, and slip away to the AMADEUS Club where you will always find a plate of homemade cookies. 

After a day exploring, stop by the hydration station and quench your thirst with a refreshing glass of fruit-, ginger-, or cucumber-infused water; during the late evening, enjoy cocktails with passed hors d’oeuvres in the Panorama Bar. Every tasty, authentic dish is always prepared on board, in our own kitchen, by the AMADEUS culinary team and served fresh to you.

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