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03. June 2019

My First River Cruise Aboard AMADEUS Queen

New to River Cruising - Beth’s Blog: Being a first-time river cruiser, I was nervous and didn’t know what to expect. But I needn’t have worried; it was fabulous from start to finish!



Getting to the ship was easy as the transfers were arranged through Amadeus River Cruises. I was going to be on board the Amadeus Queen and couldn't wait to see her. Getting on board and checking in was a very smooth process. We had our bags taken to our cabins so we didn't have to worry and had a look around the ship while we waited. The Amadeus Queen was launched in 2018 and is, therefore, lovely and modern. It is very different to being on an ocean cruise liner. To begin with, the size is so much more manageable. You don't get lost in endless corridors and there are only four decks on the ship. Capacity is limited to 162 people so you can get to know everyone and recognise faces easily, and the staff get to know you too, making it very personal.

Our cabin was beautiful, modern and well laid out with lots of space, a walk-in wardrobe and a lovely en-suite. It had a French Balcony which allowed stunning views of the river. It was lovely to be able to see the river bank and towns/cities at all times, unlike with an ocean cruise where you can be at sea for days. It meant there was always a beautiful view. I was very excited for dinner as I wasn't used to having four-course dinners cooked for me every night! I was not disappointed. There was lots of choice, it was very tasty and throughout dinner we were topped up with wine/beer. The restaurant was lined with floor-to-ceiling windows so you can still enjoy those stunning views whilst eating. After dinner, most people moved to the panorama bar, where there is a relaxed atmosphere and the staff are there to provide you with drinks. There was a pianist playing softly in the corner and it was lovely to sit there and watch the world go past. There are midnight snacks served too, which is a bonus!

Being new to river cruising, I was not sure what to expect from the excursions, but they were wonderful! The guides provided by Amadeus River Cruises were really knowledgeable and friendly, and we had headsets that connected straight to the guide's microphone so you could always hear. There was a good mix of tours and free time too.Being on the river meant that we docked right in the heart of most of the cities we visited so there was a short transfer time - a major difference when compared to other kinds of cruising.

Another noticeable change was the smoothness of the sailing. On the river, there are no waves and you can hardly feel you are moving. It is great for those who suffer from seasickness as there is no rough sailing and you don't feel claustrophobic as you can always see the river bank. I slept very soundly. Overall, it was an amazing experience and a great introduction to river cruising. It's definitely something I hope to do again soon!

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