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29. May 2019

24 Hours in Amsterdam with Amadeus

Aboard Amadeus Princess - Abi's Blog

I recently made a 24-hour round-trip to the resplendent Rhine to experience the delights of the Amadeus River Cruises fleet. A swift visit it may have been, but certainly one worth talking about.

Inaugurated in 2006, Amadeus Princess is an absolute beauty both inside and out and certainly proves that when it comes to river cruising, age really is but a number. The ship commends everything that is great about traditional river cruising. She is stylish but offers conservative décor, ever-pleasant crew, a range of excellently inspiring food and drink, and a tranquil, serene environment in which to enjoy your river cruise. I enjoyed a spacious French balcony cabin on the Mozart deck with an equally roomy and well-kitted bathroom, complete with gorgeous Rituals toiletries to relish. In addition to this, the housekeeping on board was second to none.


I would comfortably say that the dining onboard Amadeus Princess is

amongst the greatest food I have ever tasted on a cruise ship - both

ocean and river lines.I know that’s a bold statement, but I stand by it.

The wine on board is also of an exceptionally high standard. The

following morning, after my ritual of a smoked salmon breakfast, I paid a

visit to Amadeus Silver II, moored alongside us in Amsterdam. One of

the younger members of the Amadeus family, but certainly one to leave a

lasting impression. After spending time aboard both of these ships, it’s

plain to see that Amadeus River Cruises really do cater for every taste

and are well worth considering for your own river cruise. Our team of

river cruise experts have all experienced life on board an Amadeus ship

and can all vouch for its excellence. If you would like more information

about the Amadeus Princess and her itineraries, call us on 0800 035

6411and speak to one of our specialists

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